KLYR Refreshment

The KLYR Refreshment cocktail is simple, but so clever – classic flavor combinations, and adding grapefruit soda is a refreshing way to bring in that tart, bright flavor to life.

KLYR Cosmo

Our KLYR Cosmo is KLYR-LY a fan favorite! Not your typical cosmo, this local Clean American Rum is mixed with blue curacao and just the right amount of white cranberry. Perfection.


Don’t call it a Rum & Coke! Although the Cuba Libre is simply a Rum & Coke with the addition of lime juice. There’s something about ordering it that makes it feel special. The Cuba Libre is one of the most popular cocktails in Cuba and actually means “free Cuba” in Spanish.

KLYR Cucumber Mojito

When the sun is shining down, we recommend sitting on a patio and sipping on an ice cold and clinking, fizzy drink. This cocktail is perfect for that. We thought minty mojitos couldn’t get more refreshing… until we added cucumber, that is.

KLYR Orange Krush

This refreshing KLYR Orange Krush cocktail is the perfect beverage to wet your whistle this summer! We also recommend getting together with a bunch of friends at the beach and we promise the cocktail of choice will be the KLYR Orange Krush.


This ubiquitous beverage has been fueling dance parties and quenching thirsts for decades, and it’s easy to see why. The simple combination is light, safe and easy to drink, a perfect choice for anyone who wants a little kick without the added sugar or intense flavors present in many other cocktails.


It’s safe to say there’s no other brunch cocktail quite like a Bloody Mary. The classic drink is a brunch staple, especially when it comes to all the garnishes you can include! Our recipe adds to the greatness by using KLYR. And, our more ambitious brunchers can add the likes of bacon, grilled shrimp, or even hunks of cheese.


You know what the hardest thing about dieting is? No booze. So, we have been on a war path trying to find the lowest carb and calorie drinks. We bring you a go-to drink, KLYR Rum and sugar-free cola flavor.


The Moscow Mule is a classic vodka-based cocktail – but we have made it event better! The KLYR Mule is delicious, refreshing and a snap to make. Just speaking the name of the drink conjures images of the ice-cold copper mug that is the de rigueur vessel for the Moscow Mule.


The KLYR JITO is a very refreshing drink for hot summer days. Be careful when drinking it, however. If you make a pitcher you might be tempted to drink the whole thing yourself!

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