A Drink For Every Occasion.

Pairs well with limes and good times.

KLYR Rum set out to disrupt the industry by redefining what Rum can be. A revolutionary distillation process that will make the most avid vodka, gin and whiskey lovers say, ‘yes please’.

KLYR Tonic

When you want a gin and tonic, but fewer frills, the KLYR Tonic is your drink. Still very refreshing, just simpler. The lime juice is a nice touch giving the drink depth but keeping things clean.

Tip: Keeping the Rum in the freezer (it makes an exceptionally cold drink that won’t get watered down as quickly). 


This refreshing KLYR Orange Crush cocktail is the perfect beverage to wet your whistle this summer!

We also recommend getting together with a bunch of friends at the beach and we promise the cocktail of choice will be the KLYR Orange Krush.